Changing or Cancellation


Need to change something about your order or just want it cancelled? You can ask us (by Email only) to change the items on your order, update an address or payment method, or just cancel it.

Customer Service will get back to you by email within one business day regarding your request. Only orders that are still in status “Pending” or “Payment Verification” can be altered or cancelled. If your order has already moved to a different status, you won’t be able to alter it or cancel it.

In some cases order cancellation may attract 3%-5% bank charges depending on the payment methods used by customer. (It is because most of payment gateway providers collect their Commission even though order cancelled and refunded.). Due to the nature of the products we are selling and our strict quality policy, we are unable to offer order cancellation and return without valid reason. Eletechsquare LLP reserves the right to take the final decision on all refund request.